Outpatient Treatment Center

The outpatient services program at Unique Family Services focuses on improving the quality of life for 
our clients and their families.  To do this, we meet our clients where they are developmentally, 
emotionally and intellectually.   
Our outpatient services can be provided wherever the child calls home – this could be living with their 
parents or in a group home.   
Services provided: 
● Counseling 
○ Individual counseling – sometimes clients have their own challenges to process or work on.  
In this case, the therapist works directly with him/her to develop skills required to meet 
their treatment goals. 
○ Family counseling – sometimes clients and their families have challenges with which they 
need help.  In this case, the therapist works with the entire family to assist in 
developing skills for all involved to improve and strengthen the relationship. 
○ Specific areas for counseling may include: problem sexual behavior; aggression; anger 
management; emotion identification and regulation; decreasing impulsivity; increasing 
communication skills; assisting families to better meet the needs of their child; 
parenting challenges. 
● UFS residential bridge program 
○ Allows UFS to continue to support clients successfully discharged from our 90-day 
residential stabilization program.  This allows us to help him/her integrate into his/her 
life post-discharge, wherever that may be, so to ensure maintaining gains made in 
the residential program.   
● Family support 
○ Helps youth learn both coping skills & life skills in which s/he may be deficient. 
○ Educate families in responding to their children’s challenging behaviors and provide them 
with tools to do so in a positive and proactive manner.   
○ Implementation of behavior support plans/FBA recommendations. 
● Functional behavioral assessments - are useful to identify and define specific problem behavior, 
the purpose of the behavior and means to change the behavior.   
The process starts with a phone call to us to obtain services. We then schedule an intake, at which time the child and parent/guardian complete necessary paperwork, including an assessment that provides our staff with background information. Based on the acuity of challenges, services may take place one or more times per week.
We are aware that many of our clients have large support teams and we are familiar with coordinating care with the entire Child and Family Team. We believe strongly in the need for the entire team to work together in order to provide the client with the best possible services. We have experience working with teams that include: immediate and extended family; physicians; probation offices; case mangers (DCS and other agencies); and other service providers. The whole time that we are working with the client and his/her family, we do so in conjunction with the CFT in order to ensure that appropriate supports are in place.

“When you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story.  Everyone has gone 
through something that has changed them.”  - Unknown