Residential Facilities

A Program for Youth with Complex Behavioral Concerns

Our residential facilities are a multi-disciplinary resource for youth whose behavior is challenging the ability of their parents/caregivers to keep them at home. The program works with the boy/girl and their team to identify the resources needed for a more successful life in the home and community.

Those Served

Children/youth who can live safely and productively at our residential facilities while participating in assessment and intervention activities. These girls and boys have been disruptive in their homes and schools with behavior that has presented or risked harm to themselves and/or to other others. Their current homes and caregivers are no longer willing or able to provide care without additional supports.

The Setting

Our residential facility are a structured and therapeutic environment with limited access to the community at large. The residential staff are experienced and well-trained in meeting the needs of youth with severe problem behavior. The ideal census will be four youth at any one time. The length of stay will be 90 to 180 days, with exceptions approved by the youth’s assigned Regional Behavioral Health Authority.

Referral and Intake

The referral process will be developed and coordinated between the youth’s assigned Regional Behavioral Health Authority and the service provider. Our residential facilities will be an accessible resource, while maintaining intake procedures which ensure the safety and well-being of the youth in residence. The combination of residents, their needs and behaviors, is one factor in considering admission.


Each boy and girl will participate in: a) An assessment process including a Functional Behavioral Assessment modified to the unique residential facility environment; and b) A Behavior Support Plan to prepare the child for a successful transition to a community home placement. Other clinical evaluation and intervention options will be mutually determined by the provider and the youth’s assigned Regional Behavioral Health Authority.


Our residential facilities will be managed within a Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) methodology. Intervention resources supporting the residents include qualified behavioral health professionals with expertise in Functional Behavioral Assessment, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Informed Counseling and related disciplines offering best practices to this population.


Discharge planning will be addressed at Intake and will involve the active and ongoing participation of Unique Family Services within the Child/Family Team process. Our residential facilities, with the youth’s assigned Regional Behavioral Health Authority support, will be assertive in meeting assessment and intervention milestones to facilitate discharge within 90 days of admission whenever possible. Each boy or girl will be discharged with a Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Support Plan (BSP) including the identification of resources to best ensure the ongoing implementation and modification of the BSP.


The youth’s assigned Regional Behavioral Health Authority and Unique Family Services will coordinate follow-up support for youth and their families through the Child/Family Team process as indicated in the assessment recommendations and Behavior Support plan.