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Unique Family Service’s Areas of Expertise

We provide children of all ages with the support and care that every child deserves, but that many families are unable to offer. Our specialist team delivers emotional and behavioral support tailored to each individual, with the goal of assimilating every child back into the community or the family home. Our parental coaching programs ensure that parents have the skills required to care for their children regardless of their circumstances or their needs, and our services negate the need for costly residential programs, treatment centers and other expensive—and often ineffective—services.

We don’t believe in lost causes; we think everyone has the ability to change and we never judge or criticize. We approach every case independently, and we give every child in our care the support they need.

Our Services

Why Choose Us

  • Our goal is to provide effective treatment.
  • We strive to provide excellent service.
  • Treatment is truly unique and individualized.
  • Our staff care and love what they do.
  • We accept the most complex cases.