Outpatient Program

Currently, under our outpatient services program, we offer behavior coaching and counseling to assist with improving the quality of life for both you and their families.

Behavior Coaching is a community-based service that provides support to families with children who engage in challenging behaviors that interfere with their everyday life. The goal of behavior coaching is to demonstrate to parents, caregivers and family members, therapeutic strategies that will help them prevent and manage their youth’s problem behaviors at home and in the community.
Behavior Coaching services include:

  • An individual Behavior Support Plan.
  • Coaching and support for the youth and their family to implement the BSP.
  • Monitoring of the BSP to determine the effectiveness and revise as needed.
  • Coordination with other providers.
  • A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) as deemed clinically ne
  • Consistent effective service delivery in an effort to gain a positive outcome.

Counseling Services is offered as an Individual and/or Family service to assist individuals and families in improving their quality of life by teaching coping skills, self-regulation, impulse control, self awareness, self-esteem, communication skills and healthy relationships.

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We provide services that promote stability, direction, and structure in the lives of challenged youth and their families.

Our vision is nothing less than assisting every child and family we serve to reach their life’s full potential.

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