Parent Aide Program

The Parent Aide Program is a visitation and parenting education service funded by Arizona Department of Child Safety. As a contracted provider of ADCS, we have developed a program that provides a range of support services, instruction, and assistance to parents to improve their skills and ability to fulfill parenting roles and responsibilities. Parent aide services utilize role modeling, individual teaching and demonstration and group training on issues/topics, including:

  • Parenting skills; problem solving.
  • Managing difficult behaviors using an appropriate discipline.
  • Home maintenance and care of home.
  • Meal planning and preparation.
  • Personal care skills and personal hygiene.
  • Health and safety needs of children.
  • How to manage stress, important dates/task and stay organized.
  • Securing housing, food and clothing.
  • Accessing community resources, including emergency financial assistance, drug treatment programs and mental health services.

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