What Are The Common Symptoms Of Autism?

  • Lack of interest in or in response to people
  • Excessive interest in objects or things, rather than people
  • Avoidance of eye contact
  • Failure to recognize or answer to their own name
  • Failure to show or feel empathy for others
  • Repetitive behaviors, such as twirling or rocking
  • Delayed speech and delay in reaching other milestones
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How Can I Help My Child?

  • Learn about autism. The more you know about autism spectrum disorder, the better equipped you’ll be to make informed decisions for your child. Educate yourself about the treatment options, ask questions, and participate in all treatment decisions.
  • Build on your child’s interests. Each child with Autism is unique within their own right and has interests that may help in promoting positive behavior. The sooner you are familiar with what these interests are, you will be able to build on them and present them to your child for longer durations of positive behavior.
  • Offer a predictable schedule. Part of having autism is the anxiety that comes from the uncertainty of what is to come next. Providing your child with a planned daily schedule will help reduce your child’s anxiety.
  • Teach tasks as a series of simple steps. Learning for some Autistic children can be very challenging, therefore the non-traditional approach is very important. Breaking down tasks into small steps has been proven to be a better outcome in teaching skills and ensuring retention.
  • Actively engage your child’s attention in highly structured activities. Engaging with your child is important
  • Provide regular reinforcement of behavior. Being consistent with reinforcement
  • Find non-verbal ways to communicate: Communicating and connecting with an autism child may be challenging but you do not need to talk all the time. Communication may come in many forms, your tone of voice, eye contact, body language are all forms of communication that your child may be able understand. You just need to learn the language.
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