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Frequently Asked Questions2018-05-11T07:08:20+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UFS support family involvement?2018-05-09T07:18:12+00:00

Absolutely! We believe that family involvement is crucial to the success of any treatment we offer. Family will be included in all aspects of the treatment.

Will insurance cover ABA therapy?2018-05-07T07:14:33+00:00

Unique Family Services contracts with a variety of insurance companies that may cover ABA therapy, please call to gain more information.

What cities does Unique Family Services provide services to?2018-05-07T07:15:38+00:00

We provide services to clients in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

How long are therapy sessions?2018-05-07T07:16:18+00:00

Therapy sessions range anywhere from 2-4 hours in length, however, sessions are typically not scheduled for less than 2-hour periods.

How do I get services started?2018-05-09T07:10:19+00:00

Contact our office to schedule an appointment and find out what is available for you and your family.

What is the criteria for services?2018-05-09T07:11:27+00:00

As an autism specialty provider, participants should have an autism diagnosis to qualify for our services, however we do carefully screen referrals and have programs to meet the needs of youth and families who are not on the spectrum.

What is the timeframe to begin services?2018-05-09T07:12:50+00:00

Typically, services can begin within 3-5 business days.

Does UFS offer tours of the residential facility?2018-05-09T07:15:12+00:00

Unfortunately, we do not offer tours of our residential facility due to the privacy and confidentiality of our residents.

Is there a waiting list for the residential program?2018-05-09T07:15:58+00:00

UFS does not maintain a waiting list. We review referrals based on criteria and bed availability.

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